Our CSR policy

While Adone Conseil attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees, the firm also cares about its societal impact. Don't wait any longer, discover our CSR commitments.

OUR Commitments

Global Compact

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to aligning our strategy and operations with the 10 universal principles of the United Nations in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

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Adone Conseil riceve il label CSR EcoVadis

EcoVadis Label

Our CSR performance has been recognized by EcoVadis, the largest and most trusted sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility rating organization. This assessment allows us to know where to focus our efforts to improve our societal impact.

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OUR Initiatives

We are committed to implementing actions that benefit both society and the environment. Discover below some of our positive impact initiatives.

Gender equality

Gender equality

Like all companies with more than 50 employees, Adone Conseil calculates and publishes each year its Gender Equality Index.

For the second year in a row, the firm has obtained a very good score of 98/100.

This score is broken down as follows for the year 2022:

Salary gap: 38/40
Increase: 20/20
Promotion: 15/15
Salary & maternity: 15/15
High Pay: 10/10

This score reflects our daily commitment to compensation policies that allow women and men to have the same opportunities for professional development and advancement. A value that has long been part of Adone’s culture and policy!

Discrimination & harassment

Discrimination & harassment

Adone Conseil is committed to fighting against any form of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Thus, the following measures are in force within the firm:

  • Our recruitment officers are, in accordance with the legal obligation, trained in non-discrimination in hiring and are committed to conducting non-discriminatory recruitment processes.
  • All employees have access – on the company intranet – to resources aimed at raising awareness about discrimination in the professional world.
  • A harassment and discrimination alert procedure is available to Adonians. Two harassment referents have been appointed and are the main contacts for employees on these issues.

These measures have one and the same goal: to promote a healthy work environment that allows everyone to be professionally fulfilled and to have the same career opportunities.




Adone Conseil has undertaken a number of actions to improve its environmental impact. We can notably mention :

  • A partnership with the Joyeux Recycleurs to better manage its waste. IT equipment, ink cartridges and coffee grounds from the headquarters, in addition to paper and cardboard, are now collected for recycling.
  • More eco-responsible welcome packs. The personalized goodies offered to each newcomer have been redesigned to be more ecological.  If they are not made in France or made in Europe, they are at least made of sustainable materials.
  • Office supplies that include a sustainability criterion. For example, the firm’s headquarters uses recycled paper to print essential documents such as employment contracts.
  • The implementation of the sustainable mobility package, allowing the Adonians to choose between the Pass Navigo and a monthly credit allowing them to move on green mobilities (bike, scooter, carpooling, etc.).



Adone Conseil, through its internal program AdonEarth, is regularly involved in solidarity projects with various associations. This program, which brings together committed employees, was born out of the desire to support Adonien.nes in their eco-citizen commitment. Below is an overview of all the actions carried out to date on an international and local scale:

  • Humanitarian missions in countries in difficulty such as Cambodia, India, Bolivia or Cameroon
  • A Christmas of Solidarity for the benefit of people in precarious situations during our big Adone Christmas party every year
  • Volunteering skills to benefit the NQT association, for equality towards employment
  • Specific initiatives: Odysséa race, garage sale in partnership with Emmaüs Alternatives, Green Challenge within the firm, where donations are given to associations, etc.

Green Transition

Adone Conseil is a social and environmental commitment, but it is also an expertise in Green Transition. Through this offer, we accompany our clients in the redefinition of their new eco-responsible challenges.

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