Adone Conseil accompanies its employees in the development of their career through different programs tailored to each person's profile. Besides, as an independent firm with an international dimension, we are able to offer large-scale missions that will ensure their professional fulfillment.

BEING AN Adone consultant

The professional well-being of our collaborators from Paris, Geneva or Milan is enhanced by the level of flexibility we offer.
At Adone, no business unit, our consultants can vary missions on different expertises. Most of our clients evolve in international contexts, the missions offered are challenging and represent a real career accelerator for our consultants.
Besides, Adone is also committed to the quality of life at work. The firm has been awarded several times with the Great Place To Work label and obtained a score of 93/100 on the Gender Equality Index.

BEYOND Consulting

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Being part of an Expertise group

The firm relies on key pillars (Digital in Store, Customer Experience, Data & Analytics, PIM-DAM, Clienteling, etc). As soon as you join Adone, you have the opportunity to connect with an expertise group and participate to its success leveraging marketing tools, competitive watch, sales actions or event recruiting.

Being a member of our skill center

Created specifically for Adone users, our Governance skill center provides tools and knowledge management solutions on project management and coordination. Templates, market monitoring, community engagement, project management trainings, etc, represent the cornerstone of this skill center.

Joining the Adone Lab experience

Our collaborators are invested in exchanging ideas and good practice measures in our areas of expertise. Adone Lab fosters innovation, collective intelligence and an environment where experiments come to light. Moderated by our consultants, the community is open to anyone who wishes to participate.



Acquisition of Fundamentals

The Analyst collaborates on ongoing missions and ensures the production of quality deliverables, enabling themselves to progress within the firm.

Consolidation of Knowledge

The Consultant is a full participant in the successful completion of their mission and the satisfaction of our client. To this end, they rely on their synthesis skills, the quality of their deliverables, and their good understanding of project challenges.
Senior Consultant

Autonomy in Mission

The Senior Consultant is responsible for the deliverables and ensures the follow-up of their project. They are an experienced employees who offers improvements to our clients and supports their implementation.
Senior Consultant Advanced

Project Leader

The Advanced Senior Consultant leads a topic and knows how to lead a team, whether it's with the client or internally. They actively contribute to Adone's image by highlighting their expertise and know-how.

Guarantor of Proximity

The Manager coordinates various stakeholders; they embody hands-on management while representing the firm's necessary standards of excellence and care for the development of its employees.
Manager Advanced

Complete Coordinator

The Advanced Manager coordinates various activities internally or with our clients, positioning themselves as a leader or expert in different fields. They supervise consultants, facilitating their development, while contributing to the strategic development of the firm.
Senior Manager

Manager of Major Projects

The Senior Manager enjoys great autonomy and decision-making capacity with our clients and within Adone. With their expertise and legitimacy, they make key decisions to coordinate teams and lead major projects.
Senior Manager Advanced

Operational Decision Maker

The Advanced Senior Manager guides the realization, coordinates the teams in an operational and hierarchical way. They actively participate in the implementation of the strategy on internal subjects and with the client.

Strategic Leader

The Principal is a stakeholder and a supporter of Adone’s long-term strategy. Endowed with very high autonomy, they manage and develop a client perimeter and are capable of proposing the firm's entire expertise. They supervise and progress senior managers and managers, putting their experience at the service of Adone's management.

Visionary Executive

The Directors of Adone bring vision and are capable of translating it into strategic directions. They commit the firm as a whole and are the highest representatives towards the client's decision-makers (CxO).

OUR Cap Manager program

The Cap Manager program was put in place to support our senior consultants in their transition to becoming managers. With many practical situations, this program also offers personalized coaching by an experienced manager.


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"I started my career at Adone in 2012 as a consultant. Today I'm strongly involved in the international development of the firm as co-manager of Adone's Italian subsidiary, based in Milan."


"I am the head of the Clienteling expertise group at Adone. It is a great way for me to get inspired by this skilled and passionate team, while being attentive to sector innovations. It allows me to define the best strategy for our clients."


"I am part of Adone’s HR committee. Accompanying our employees throughout their careers, ensuring their satisfaction and maintaining a helpful and caring environment at the firm, are our priorities so that everyone feels heard and supported in their professional development."


"At Adone, there is a real proximity between employees and the atmosphere is welcoming. Despite the pandemic context in which I took my first steps within the firm, I quickly felt integrated. "


"What I like about Adone is the opportunity to get involved in internal projects and to have the support of management to implement them. "

HANDS-ON Management

At Adone, we are convinced that hands-on management is a great way to improve our collaborators’ life at work, as well as the quality of their work. Since its creation, the firm has remained attached to having smaller teams. For example, a manager always has a limited number of managees under them.