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Being customer-centric is not simply saying 'the customer is important' but instead 'the customer is my business's greatest asset'.

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On the strength of 10 years’ experience, Adone Conseil helps you implement your Customer-Centric strategy. Our approach: capitalising on customer data and transforming it into a business driver for your company. The challenge is to know and recognise your customer, offer them a brand new one-to-one experience throughout the customer journey before, during and after the purchase.

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Data Management

Data Management

Because customer knowledge is the cornerstone of a successful customer-centric strategy, it is essential to put the customer data back at the heart of the decision-making process. This will involve several actions with which Adone Conseil helps you:

  • Gathering and centralising customer data
  • Applying Data Quality rules to have clean and usable data
  • Segmenting data to identify the customer value
  • Analysing it to understand the trends and better address your customers
  • Taking customer feedback into account as soon as a new product/service is designed


Offering an innovative and unique customer experience by developing a strategy to customise communications and customer journeys:

  • Adapting your offering/service and your user journeys to your segments
  • Involving an experience (presentation of a personalised online offer, sending a specific e-mail…)
  • Managing the associated marketing pressure
  • Visualising the benefits
Campaign management

Campaign management

Using the emailing channel to reach new prospects and retain customers:

  • Trigger e-mails
  • Customer visits & behaviours (A/B Testing)
  • Life cycle
  • Reactivation (newsletters, sales e-mails)
  • Core target activities, customer scoring (e-mail opening rate)

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